COX Co., Ltd. (Thermal Camera to Detect Fever)

As tremendous number of people move from one country to another for reasons such as tourism and trade, respiratory diseases like SARS, Zika virus cases, MERS and the infection by new corona virus have terrorized the world every few years, one after the other. In particular, the respiratory disease caused by the new corona virus has become so rapid that it became a very important task to separate person with fever from others, not only in quarantine officials in all airports and ports but also in schools, hospitals, hotels, resorts, sports stadiums, and other public areas where there are a lot of people
coming and going.

COX Co., Ltd. which has devoted itself to the development and production of various un-cooled thermal cameras since its establishment in 2010, proposes reliable and cost-effective fever detection & screening that identify a person with a fever in public facilities such as airports, ports, schools, hotels, resorts, sports stadiums, and hospitals based on its various experience in the domestic and overseas markets.


Thermal Camera (Infrared Camera) to Detect Fever / CORONA VIRUS