Surge Arrester Monitoring

High Voltage surge  arresters are the best protective device in electrical power systems against transient overvoltages generated by lightning discharges and switching operations, but the arresters are deteriorated by the repetition of protective operations, the absorption of moisture, and defects at the time of manufacturing. The deteriorated arresters may lead to a power failure.

Any deterioration of the insulating properties of a metal-oxide arrester will cause an increase in the resistive leakage current or power loss at given values of voltage and temperature. The majority of diagnostic methods for determining the condition of gapless metal-oxide arresters are based on measurements of the leakage current.

We have experience and services to assess the condition of the metal oxide lighting arrester by measuring leakage current of surge arrester under normal service voltage.

We use the tool that measures the third harmonic resistive leakage current of the surge arrester as described in IEC 60099-5.